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Building a Site Map

Follow the instruction below to create a site map of your web here for an example

Preparation - create a list of all Pages on your site

Most people don’t know exactly how many pages they have on their site, especially if they have a large dynamic site. The solution to this comes in the form of this nifty little link checker:

DOWNLOAD Xenu link checker

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) Homepage

By using Xenu you can quickly and easily generate a list of all pages on a site, plus find and fix and broken links!

Quick guide to Using Xenu.

  1. Extract the Zip file onto your desktop
  2. Open Xenu Link Sleuth
  3. Go to File > Check URL
  4. Type your domain name into the top box ( and click OK
  5. Wait for Xenu to scan your site
  6. If there are any 404 pages (red text) go to File > Retry for broken links
  7. To get a report, press “r”


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